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We offer Original Coconuts Kopyor ( Soft Coconuts Flesh )  From the Tree
Coconut Kopyor, kopyor coconuts, coconut kopyor original, fresh kopyor coconut, coconut kopyor cheap, quality kopyor coconut, coconut juice kopyor.Kopyor coconut is the fruit of abnormal, genetic abnormalities in the coconut fruit, soft fruit with meat traits / detached from the shell, the amount of coconut milk and a little different from the typical aroma of coconuts usual.Kopyor coconut fruit is a fruit of exotic, rare, because the price is relatively more expensive (up to 10xlipat) from ordinary coconut fruit.Kopyor fruit is preferred because it tastes good, refreshing, perfect served as munuman and other food ingredient. Get kopyor coconuts original, fresh, new, cheap, here  Rp.35.000 price / seeds (Net Weight 700-1.150gr)
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