Wild Fresh Fruits Durian Native


Natural Durian native( Durian local Bali area)PricePOB Kilogram

Price Durian Wholes 50 – 300Kg $.2.80,-
Price Durian Meat 50 – 200Kg $.7.20,-
Price including packing – but Cost shipping not yet including.
At the moment, "Wild fresh fruits Cv.Lily Amelia Putri had prepare ordered or sent to Europe each year with capacities about 1000kg until 2000kg or we can prepare with capacities products about 2000 – 3000kg and then for every year, organic fruits Cv.lily Amelia Putri add development all kinds of especially durian wild fresh fruits with work together with Parmer direct of tree, for prepare order local and Europe so our prepare can be order of buyer . Durian wild fresh fruits or Durian wild fresh native or Durian wild fresh fruits local area are different with Durian planted as example Durian Montong, Durian wild fresh fruits growing in wild lands with age the oldest tree and never some body to mind.
And then for looking stock please Contac person 081558101944,